Illawarra Premier League Season 2022

  FINALS SERIES Fixtures and Results Hiatus. In the meantime, the UCI World Championships are on in Wollongong. UCI_WWC: 1   ROUND 30 Fixtures and Results Cringila Lions are one point away from making the Finals Series- it is the last round of the regular season. They face Wollongong United who are at home and … Continue reading Illawarra Premier League Season 2022

Illawarra Premier League Season 2020

Results and Ladder and Fixtures The Lions will be hoping they don’t have another struggle year. The Blueys will be seeking to achieve their undoubted potential. Hopefully the nCov-2019 will be over soon. It's a cold July Friday night as the games finally are underway. There is still no assurance the season will be completed … Continue reading Illawarra Premier League Season 2020